Brooklyn Songwriting Camp 2015

by Park Slope Rock School

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released August 13, 2015


all rights reserved



Park Slope Rock School Brooklyn, New York

All songs were written by students enrolled in the Park Slope Rock School program. And they're awesome.

All proceeds from song sales will help fund future recording sessions for our students. Support the rock stars of tomorrow!

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Track Name: Boxed Water - All Business
I'm the man, everybody loves me
I don't care, if anybody hates me
I just bought a Mercedes
Now I'm driving the ladies
The haters all hate me
They're making me crazy

Everyday, I get another download
Everything, is bumpin' up the payroll
I just bought me a yacht
People like me a lot
All my fans can be bought
And I'll never get caught

Last year washing dishes
Now look at me, I'm on TV
It's a story of rags to riches
Come see me, but the show ain't free

Buy my song, sing along
You're buying my merchandise, pays me nice
Whenever I'm playin' shows, I'm makin' dough
You oughta know...It's all business

No one knows, I don't write me own songs
Stole them all, from a guy who's long gone
No one knows that I'm lyin'
'Bout the songs they're buyin'
If they knew they'd be cryin'
But for now I'm flyin'
Track Name: Thorny Roses - Turn Around
I wake up every day
And see the same parade
A bunch of people that are doing what the TVs say
They're shopping at the mall
They wanna buy it all
They want the Gucci bag, Prada shoes, L'Oreal

They walk the same way
Don't change the games they play
And sometimes I just wanna turn around
I think I've had enough
It's time to mix it up
I'm gonna fight the crowd and turn around

I just want to turn around
Go somewhere I can't be found
I just want to turn around
Spread my wings and leave the ground

You can come with me now
So we can leave the crowd
Why would you waste your life and sit around
We'll find a different place
We'll run a different race
Don't have to worry 'bout the rules they make or things they say
Track Name: Thorny Roses - Too Late For Love
You used to say to me
That we were meant to be
That we would be together for all of eternity
You were lyin'

But then you ran away
Now all that's left to say
Is I don't want you here if you are gonna act this way
Now I'm cryin

I'm acting strong but it's all a show
I love you more than you'll ever know

I can't pretend, I wanna see you again
I'm still in love but we have to be friends
You caught my eye and then you said goodbye
You said you loved me but you lied
Now it's too late for love

When you came crawling back
I had a heart attack
You thought I would stop my life and just forget the past
You are crazy

But now I'm moving on
I'm singing my own song
You thought I'd take you back but baby you are very wrong
Now I'm cryin'

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