PARIS Songwriting Atelier 2018

by Park Slope Rock School

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released July 11, 2018

Recorded and Mixed at Basement Studios in Paris, FR
Mixing engineer: Nick Buxton


all rights reserved



Park Slope Rock School Brooklyn, New York

All songs were written by students enrolled in the Park Slope Rock School program. And they're awesome.

All proceeds from song sales will help fund future recording sessions for our students. Support the rock stars of tomorrow!

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Track Name: Fake News
Stare at you through the TV screen
In your mind you can hear them scream
They want you to run
They want you to hide
Stay inside
Feeling afraid how do we cope
Swallow their talk losing all hope
They want to exploit
They want to control
But we won't give in

Gonna get away
Gonna leave all of this behind
Gonna find my way
To you, to you, to you

Lighting it up tonight
I gotta get away
Turning it up feels right
It's the only way

Voices loud on the radio
Saying what you already know
If you don't think
It's better for them
Stay in the dark
Live your life as if each day
Was your last chance-it's better that way
Whatever you want
Whatever you need
Will you wait for me
Track Name: Waiting
Standing in the rain
It's falling on my face
I'll wait for you
Walking in the dark
I'm feeling so alone
I'll wait for you
Wasting all my time
But I don't wanna go
I'll wait for you
Lying to myself
I hide away the truth
I wait for you

Why don't you just give me a sign
Cause I want it, I need it
What is going on in your mind
You're leaving, I can feel it

Saying to myself
Could we be more than friends
I'll wait for you
Kisses in the wind
Brush against my cheek
I'll wait for you
Track Name: The Smoking Amps - Dangerous Game
Everyone says love is dangerous
Gonna get hurt if you fool around
Nobody knows how it’s gonna end
Gonna get lost and you’re never found

Around and around and around she goes
And he knows that it’s a game
Around and around and around she goes tonight

All that she wants is his attention
Gonna get trapped if he gives it up
All that he wants is to have her love
Gonna get killed by all her games
Track Name: The Smoking Amps - Falling
There must be a way out of here
Away from all the suffering, all the pain
Away from you away from love
Because of you I’ll never be the same

Everywhere I look I see the memories of what we were before
Every time it rains I feel the pressure I can’t stand it anymore
I just want to find a place where I can be myself and no one cares
Never looking back again Never play a game that isn’t fair

You and I could never be the couple that was Always in my dreams
Nothing beats reality
Nothing is as perfect as it seems

I’m gonna fall, fall never hit the ground
I’m gonna fall, fall never hear a sound

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